Working Cow Horses for Sale in Montana

Working cow horse competitions call for horses to work a single cow in an arena. Horses must perform certain maneuvers, including circling a cow and turning it in a specific manner as well as performing a reining pattern. Competition consists of three parts where a horse and rider are judged on their performance in a reining pattern, herd work, and fence work. Horses are judged on accuracy, timing, and responsiveness, as well as how they handle a single cow and their ability to ride into a herd of cattle and quietly cut a cow from the herd. Winning working cow horse competitions starts with investing in the best horses. Open Spear Ranch has working cow horses for sale in Montana that you can put to the test and score well during these competitions.

How Working Cow Horse Competitions Work

Working cow horse events have three main parts:

  1. A horse is asked to perform a reining pattern and demonstrate their ability to do reining work
  2. A single cow is released into the arena and a horse is asked to hold the cow at one end of the arena before running the cow along the rail of the arena and then turning it back without the aid of the fence
  3. A horse maneuvers the cow into the center of the arena and causes the cow to move in a tight circle in each direction

In addition to the above three events, a herd work session is also included.  During this session, a horse will quietly cut a cow from a herd of cattle and then work to prevent it from rejoining the herd.

Open Spear Ranch raises working cow horses that are well-equipped to handle the rigors of a working cow horse competition. They have the speed, balance, and agility to show control over cows. They also have great temperaments, which makes them very responsiveness to their rider’s commands.

Consider Buying Our Working Cow Horses in Montana

The American Quarter Horses that we breed at Open Spear Ranch have excellent cutting and reining pedigrees enabling them to perform well in working cow horse competitions. Contact us today with any questions you might have about our horses.