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Happy with horse

“Attached is a picture of a 6 yr old we bought as a yearling a few years back. He’s great to ride and has become a really good horse all around. I’ve branded and sorted cattle off of him as well as team roped. I’ve won money on this horse and would like to get… Read more »

The Benefits of Owning Horses

It usually starts when they’re young. Little kids learn about horses on TV or in school and say, “I want a pony,” to their parents. More often than not, it leads to their parents buying them a stuffed pony to keep them happy. But every now and then, parents decide to go the extra mile… Read more »

Why Horses Are So Popular

Horses are one of the most magnificent, mystical, and beautiful creatures on earth. Their poise, grace, and demeanor are addictive and serve as an inspiration for many to enjoy. Horses are also part of one of the most famous of sporting events known, the Kentucky Derby. Millions of people gather together for this big-hat, elegant… Read more »